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Took the Extreme 545 CC for spin

For our upcoming walk around video, we took the Extreme 545 Centre Console for a spin. What a cool little boat. Plenty of space to fish out of and move around in the boat. We had a Drone, camera bags, tackle bags, and the boat had plenty of storage space to fit all the gear. It also had space for heaps of fishing rods as well, although we did not take to many out as we had work to do. Maybe some more fishing in the next video. Like all Extreme's its very stable and dry ride.

2017 Melbourne Boat Show

Thanks, all that attended the Melbourne boat show. We enjoyed showing you through the Extreme range and showing you what Extreme have to offer. We had a great show, and without you, it would not be a success. Think you would agree they are the best-finished plate on the market period. We also believe that they are the best performing plate boat as well. If you want to find out for yourself, get in touch and arrange a test drive.

Nothings an afterthought on an Extreme - Not even the bungs

Welded bungs. Who does that? Well Extreme do. No pop rivets or ugly silicon that can deteriorate over time. In fact, you will barely find a rivet on the boat.

It's the little things like this you find all over the Extreme. When you add all these little things together, you see a very big difference between Extreme plates boats and everyone else.

Nothing is an afterthought on an Extreme, not even the little things.

Extreme 570 Centre Console - 2016 Boat Show Overall Winner

This Extreme 570 Centre Console boat has just won 2016 Boat Of Show overall winner and Best Aluminium Boat Under 6m awards and the NZ boat show. And the good news is that you won't need to fly to NZ to see the boat either because its on its way to Inverloch Marine and can be seen at the Melbourne Boat Show June 17 - June 20 on Stand C7.

This boat is amazing and nothing like it has ever been built. More pics and videos to come but lets just say that if you are on the market you will want to see this boat!